Europan 11, Aigle

Europan 11, progetto per il recupero del centro storico della città di Aigle

Concorso, 2011, QB Atelier + FèRiMa

The town of Aigle has a fragmented system of empty space: an indifferent, loosely connected and not well exploited. The project identifies in this spaces the true potential of the territory of Aigle, by reevaluating them as a possible system of public space, a glue that can hold together the nucleus of the city, redefining its quality and image.


The intervention process is articulated in three stages: 1individuate the potential for recovery of buildings and pre-existing empty spaces. 2construct of the through there definition of the city edges in relation to different urban situations. The objective of this phase is to define a new image of Aigle, a city in which the public space and the private one, defined by thick edges, become the engine of redevelopment. To a first phase of recovery in the value of buildings as new containers for commercial and social activities, it is added the project of public space. 3_reactivat e the social tissue of the city and density of the board.

The strategy therefore defines a new urban tissue composed of atolls, a boundary that distinguishes an external connection space from a internal public space: the limit becomes an inhabited border that insists on an empty public in which there are the relational spaces take place. In this way, a strong urban structure is generated, consisting of thick edges that can accommodate business and residential specialist and a central empty ‘specialistic’ space defined by the realm of the ‘relational’.