Europan 12, Graz

Europan 12, Masterplan per una nuova universitaria a Graz

Concorso, 2013, QB Atelier + FeRiMa + Elisa Greco + Enrico Arbizzani + Laura Mezquita + Giovanni Avosani

Progetto per la riqualificazione di un area a Graz. Masterplan e progettazione degli spazi pubblici.

The site area is considered a big opportunity for inner city growth. Its condition as a “transitional” point between housing developments and heavy infrastructure suggests an urban strategy able to be a smart interface for these two poles. In order to reach both urban quality and adaptability, in the project the main concepts are overlapping and integration. Urban strategy works especially on coexistence of different functions, programme, building, materials, trying to reach a smart complexity through the presence of layered buildings. On the other hand, the integration of the main street as “public infrastructure” with public spaces between the buildings, allows to reinterpretate the relationship between architecture and street activites. The urban structure of the proposal uses public space and overlap as a generators of spatial opportunities.


The urban scale of the project starts with a consideration about present and project fluxes, from the existing functional distinction of fluxes to an adapting overlap of programs based on a central pedestrian main road. The central street is no longer a car dominated axe, but becomes a public infrastructure, intersecting buildings to create an heterogeneous urban landscape. The street dimension is centered on people, bus stop and bike routes are increased. The street axe curves, to slow down cars speed. The project increases the number and type of parkings: underground parking, park and ride,multifunctional and close to concert hall. The relationship with car parking is not of delimitation, but of intersection, in order to exploit those spaces for other public activities (playgorund, exhibitions..)