Into the wall

Progetto per la realizzazione di una residenza privata in legno di 100 mq

Concorso, 2015, QB Atelier


“(…) an inner open space for the inhabitants (…) a place for reading, a place for cooking (…), a place for sleeping, a place for solar light.. a tale”

L. Kahn

The concept works on the idea of the border to produce places for life. Defining the limit between indoor and outdoor, the border determines the relationship between the space for living and the landscape. The project starts from the border, defining a constructive “super-meaningful” element, becoming a technological, perceptive, programmatic device for living spaces. Into the wall we put all the services and the necessary forniture.


The constructive prefab structural walls (e.g. XLAM) define standardized modules that could be aggregate according to several typological schemes. The basic modules define the service rooms: toilets, technical rooms, kitchen, equipped walls for wardrobes and closets. The prefab roof gives to the house its own identity becoming a poetical device that brings light to the indoor spaces.